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Who We Are

Welcome to Mosh Pit Tours, where we are not just another travel agency—we’re the architects of your dream music expeditions. As a specialized tour operator backed by Australia’s renowned HEAVY Magazine, we design unparalleled music festival experiences that you can book through any travel agency worldwide. Based in the UK, we’re breaking down borders to make the globe’s premier music festivals accessible to you, wherever you are.

Our Objective

Mosh Pit Tours aims to revolutionize the live music scene. Forget about juggling different providers for flights, accommodations, and event tickets. We meticulously package these elements, crafting holistic musical adventures so you can focus solely on enjoying the festival of your dreams.

What We Offer

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Ready to be a part of a legendary musical odyssey?

Simply reach out to your preferred trusted local travel agency/advisor and ask them to register with Mosh Pit Tours. Once that’s done, the festival world is your oyster.

Unveil a new dimension of live music experiences with Mosh Pit Tours—your go-to tour operator for transcendent musical voyages!